I love myself.

I love myself.


Why does acne have to exist tho like all it does is make people unhappy


So as soon as I wake up. I wash my face. I look in the mirror. Same view. Same old thoughts ‘fuck acne.’

The first words told to me by my parent, and brother is ‘you look like shit’ and ‘matt you have too many spots’

Well thanks. Thanks for telling me about something I have 0 control over. Not only do I look like shit, now I feel even worse.

People can’t control acne. Don’t make fun of it. It hurts.


I wish everyone had clear skin because no one deserves to have acne

Why is everyone’s face so unproblematic

Like wtf is there some curse upon me to where I can’t just have a smooth face I don’t understand.
My face is one big giant fcking blemish.
How hard is it for a pore to just be empty.


when teachers actually start teaching on the first day of class


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So I’m the inhibitor


Just tired yknow. 😔



ok but imagine this

  • dragons

hey you should start a band

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And when it’s written all out like that,

When the letters and words and sentences that describe my life are all put in one place it’s ridiculous to think that anyone would want to introduce that into their life. Ridiculous to think that someone else could possibly put up with all the crap I tolerate.
It puts me in an embarrassing bind between wanting a better life but still having to stick up for the woman responsible for raising me.
It hasn’t worked out with my big sister…
But it’s remarkably working with me.

Started calling at 5am…fifteenth time’s the charm 😆

Started calling at 5am…fifteenth time’s the charm 😆

So much hurt that it carries over to my dreams.

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So this is lame

But there’s nothing to look forward to
Why get out of bed
She can take away anything I have my heart set on
Ruiner of my life

She hurts me too often.

It is too fucking often that she hurts me